Cordoba’s Startup Ecosystem Landscape

Córdoba is located in the heart of Argentina, the second most populous province in the country. Over the years, Córdoba has become a hotspot for entrepreneurs and startups due to its supporting and dynamic business environment, especially in knowledge-creating industries. There are approximately 2,700 knowledge-economy companies and Year-on-Year growth for the knowledge-economy industry in the city is 8%.

Córdoba’s universities are also playing a crucial role in the ecosystem, providing research facilities, talent, and partnerships with the private sector. Every year, more than 10,000 students graduate from Universities in Córdoba. Of the total number of graduates, 26,5% are STEM graduates, and 76.7% of the founding teams of technology startups are college graduates.

Furthermore, Córdoba is one of the most important industrial and development poles of the country. The province boasts five Industrial Parks (Parque Industrial Ferreyra, Parque Industrial CACEC; Ecoparque Industrial Cordobés; Parque Industrial Polo 52; Parque Industrial Villa Esquiu), two Technology Parks (Parque cientifico tecnologico UNC, Parque empresarial aeropuerto), two Business Complexes (Ciudad Empresaria and Capitalinas), and smart buildings with infrastructure, logistics services and support for companies to settle in.

Agricultural Production Nurturing AgTech Startups

Córdoba’s geographical weather and topographical conditions give it an advantageous position to excel in agriculture. In this respect, the city boasts most of Argentina’s soya bean, corn, and bean production. An economy relying on agriculture creates an environment where Agtech startups can thrive. Kilimo, AgroBait, and AFENsis are some startups that provide innovative solutions to the agriculture industry.

Constantly Growing Knowledge-Creating Industries

The Argentinian government knows that knowledge-creating industries are important to economic development. Hence, the government supports these industries with several initiatives, such as the Knowledge Economy Law, which provides tax benefits for using knowledge and digitalizing information to obtain goods, provide services and improve processes.

Córdoba is a powerful ecosystem with an approximately 8% year-on-year growth for this industry. The country also has a great ecosystem for R&D and innovation, which drives startups to grow.

Notable Startups

ClicOH has built the largest logistics network in LatAm to store, pack and ship the same day and the next day for ecommerce companies in LatAm. The company has raised US $25M in funding over2 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on May 23, 2022, from a Series A round.

Kilimo is a Big Data solution for irrigation management in agriculture. It features climate monitoring by using satellite and site data to provide prescriptions for each crop and increase water use efficiency. The company has raised US $1.4M in funding over 9 rounds.

Postcron is an online service that enables users to schedule posts on social media accounts for specific dates and times. The company has raised funding of US $126K over 3 rounds.

Ualabee is an AI and BigData mobility platform for city commuters that integrates schedules and routes of urban transportation, micro-mobility, and ride-hailing operators, offering solutions for both B2B and B2C Markets and promoting the sustainable development of cities. The company has raised US $205K in funding over 2 rounds.

Yerbo is a mental well-being tool for high-growth companies. The company has raised US $455000 in pre-seed funding from Newtopia Ventures and various angel investors.

Xcapit is an open-source and self-custodial crypto wallet that allows people to save and invest their capital in decentralized investment products. The company has raised a total of US $1.1M in funding over 3 rounds.

PayFun is an aggregator of online and cash payment means. PayFun integrates collective collection systems with all credit and debit cards and means of payment in cash. The service operates in different verticals such as Market Place, ecommerce, and Telemarketing, among others.

Startup Support

Accelerators & Incubators

[Incutex Cordoba] ( is an incubator, designed to accelerate growth and ensure the success of entrepreneurial projects. Incutex is transforming the network between entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, academia, and the state through technology and innovation, to boost regional economic development.

Alaya Capital is a venture capital fund of Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs. The team and their investors are outstanding Latin American entrepreneurs in technology, who seek to support and transfer their experience for the growth of new generations of entrepreneurs.

Pampa Start is promoting disruptive projects to transform the agro-industry of Latin America through technology.

Founder Institute Chapter Cordoba Supports scalable ideas/projects in their pre-seed stage to become invertible startups, with international standards (Silicon Valley). Offering Training, Linking, Mentoring, and Technical Assistance to Projects in the Idea or Prototype Stage.

Coworking Spaces

Worka is a Coworking that brings professionals, entrepreneurs, and freelancers together to collaborate in a productive and stimulating environment.

Loop Coworking is a shared workspace in Cerro de las Rosas, Cordoba. Loop was created with the idea of providing young startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers a space to build a community and meet with clients and provides a comfortable, casual yet professional atmosphere.

Supporting Organizations

Junior Achievement is one of the largest NGOs in the world. Through active learning in financial education, preparation for work, and entrepreneurship, they prepare young people to be protagonists of their future.

IPROCOM offers networking and mentoring to startups that are in the ideation stage or that are already commercializing regionally through training in everything related to the development of technology-based enterprises.

Universidad Siglo 21 is an entrepreneurship and innovation center that promotes specific advisory and training programs for entrepreneurs through training, bonding, mentoring, and technical assistance.

UVITEC supports Cordoba startups in innovation and digital transformation processes to enhance competitiveness. They offer training and networking through workshops, webinars, meetings, and one-off activities in the innovation club.

CORLAB generates public value, enhances the relationship with citizens, and contributes new channels of participation and collaboration through the implementation of agile working methodologies. Also, support the management of innovation in other government areas through open innovation.

Main Strengths of the Cordoba Startup Ecosystem
    • A powerful knowledge economy industry

    • Excellent innovation capacity with R&D centers, experimental centers, and technological centers

    • One of the most important college districts in Argentina

    • Home to over 70 biotech companies.

Ecosystem Milestones

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